Friday, June 9, 2017


Archival Revival, the Christian film archive, is currently paying for vintage Christian films.  We're dedicated to preserving and restoring classic Christian films and media.  If you have original prints, negatives, or other film elements of classic Christian films, or if you have audio recording masters for classic Christian record albums, we want to buy them from you.  Please email us at and we'll make you an offer.  

These films have been a tremendous proselytizing tool throughout the entire world for decades.  We at Archival Revival want to preserve these classic Christian films so they can continue saving people for years to come.  Our staff has decades of experience in the handling and preservation of film elements, and we utilize the very best climate controlled film storage facilities around the world.   Contact us today at if you or someone you know has prints, negatives, recording masters, or other material from vintage Christian films and LPs.

We are interested in Christian films from all nations and denominations.   We're currently at work restoring the films of Estus Pirkle and Ron Ormond.  We're particularly interested in locating several other Christian films produced by Ron Ormond and the Ormond Organization, including The Grim Reaper (1976), The 39 Stripes (1979), The Second Coming (1982), and The Sacred Symbol (1984).  If you have prints of any of these films, or if you know anyone with prints, please contact us.   If you know anyone with original color reversal footage, please contact us.   Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions, too.   

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